free archaeology: Ragpickers’ archaeology of unpaid labour and exploitation in arts work

Posted: 05/04/2013 in free archaeology, News & Analysis
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The Ragpickers are an anonymous group of marginalised and precarious art students and gallery workers. Their site is a collective platform for ‘dissent and dissatisfaction with the exploitation, hypocrisy and corruption‘ of the art sector. They’re organising a Ragpickers Show (which I heard about via the Precarious Workers’ Brigade).

Wonderfully, that exhibition will comprise an archaeology of unpaid labour and exploitation, by volunteer, intern and casual workers. They will display the artefacts, the material traces, the forensic evidence of ‘unfair, absurd, or abusive’ unpaid work; the archive of ‘practices of ungrateful labour’ should be a particular treat.

[Originally posted on conflict antiquities]

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