‘even worse than not finding work is stopping looking for it’

Posted: 02/09/2013 in News & Analysis, Research
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One of the things that I haven’t looked at much, but that I would like to look at more, is the experience of the crisis (or, more correctly, the experience of precarity). (As a dear friend corrected me recently, he wasn’t a victim of the crisis – yet – he was simply a person in Italy.)

As Italian archaeologist Alessandro d’Amore (@Alex_OLove) worked himself up to offering himself for work again, he observed,

What’s even worse than not finding work is stopping looking for it.

That’s what’s happened to me these days. That’s what I began to sense exactly two weeks ago [now three months ago] (Twitter reply to the Archaeological Profession [Professione Archeologo (@pr_archeologo)]: “I’m beginning to despair but I would not like to give up…”).

It was precisely that force more powerful than me that had estranged me from research, from reading, from passion, from hope.

It seemed to me lost time. All useless.

Fortunately, he’s part of a strong professional/social network and their words have reinvigorated him. His introduction and contact details are on his blog.

[La cosa ancora peggiore che non trovare lavoro è smettere di cercarlo.

È quello che mi è successo in questi giorni. È quello che già cominciavo a presentire esattamente due settimane fa (risposta Twitter a Professione Archeologo: “Io comincio a disperare ma non vorrei mollare…[“]).

È stata proprio quella forza più potente di me che mi ha fatto allontanare dalla ricerca, dalla lettura, dalla passione, dalla speranza.

Mi sembrava tempo perso. Tutto inutile.]


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