EuroMaidan propaganda in Moscow Museum

Posted: 18/04/2014 in News & Analysis, resistance
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Discussing “I am a drop in the ocean”, its co-curator – the Deputy Director of Art Arsenal (Mystetskyi Arsenal), Alisa Lozhkina – regretted that they had not been able to find ‘at least one artist who would support the other side…. The other side had no face.’ Moscow Museum (Музее Москвы) has produced an ‘exhibition of artefacts from Maidan [Выставка артефактов с Майдана]’ that tells the story only from the other side. But its centrepiece, at least, is a most despicable lie.

This display of ‘items that were used by the radicals who fought against the Ukrainian police [предметы, которые использовали радикалы в борьбе против украинской милиции]’ is a mirror image of Maidan Museum and the museum of police atrocities.

It includes ‘a shovel, [with] which radicals beat “Berkut [special police]”, as well as a slingshot from which [they] fired stones at police officers [лопата, которой радикал избивал «беркутовцев», а также рогатки, из которых булыжниками обстреливали правоохранителей]’.

It also presents ‘the damaged shields, helmets and combat uniforms of “Berkut”, as well as the protective gear of the Maidan [protesters] themselves – armature, chains and other weapons [повреждённые щиты, каски и форма бойцов «Беркута», а также защитное снаряжение самих майдановцев – арматура, цепи и другое оружие]’.

The most despicable lie

In a special room, there is ‘unique exhibit – a helmet with the dried blood of a killed Maidan [protester] [уникальный экспонат – каска с засохшей кровью убитого майдановца]’. According to the exhibition organisers,

‘This helmet – is evidence that people were killed not by “Berkut”, but by snipers, shooting them in the back…. [There is] a bullet hole in the helmet in the back of the head – shot from above and behind.’

[«Эта каска – свидетельство того, что людей убивал не «Беркут», а снайперы, стрелявшие им в спину…. Пулевое отверстие в каске на затылке – стреляли сверху вниз и сзади».]

This display implies that the protesters were assassinated by agents provocateurs within the Maidan movement. In fact, the snipers were from the Alfa Team of the Russia-trained, Ukrainian state (Yanukovych regime) security/intelligence, the KGB successor SBU.


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