mass employment in the British cultural heritage sector… for non-cultural heritage workers… who won’t get paid…

Posted: 28/04/2014 in free archaeology, News & Analysis
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Finally, the 99% – or 99.67% – of people who cannot get a job in cultural heritage have something to look forward to. They cannot get part-time, entry-level work; they cannot even get school-leaver-level cultural heritage apprenticeships, ‘restoring historical sites and war memorials‘; but if they’re unemployed for long enough – thirty-six months (and, at this rate, they will be) – they will be able to be forced to do it (or other non-‘voluntary work’) full-time unpaid for six months at a time.

‘Help to Work’ does not help people to work

‘Everyone with the ability to work should be given the support and opportunity to do so’, according to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, though cultural heritage workers who have not been continuously unemployed for three years won’t be eligible for allegedly ‘intensive training’, which the government is ‘offering’ but not providing (1); the mass exploitation of unpaid workers will precisely destroy more of the few remaining opportunities for cultural heritage work, as workplaces like FACT are supplanting workers with volunteers; and unemployed cultural heritage workers won’t even be able to genuinely volunteer for the compulsorily “voluntary” jobs.

‘Help to Work’ does not help people to work.

Keep volunteering voluntary!

Evidently, it’s not just kids who weren’t born in the ’80s who are nostalgic for the ’80s

If the very-long-term unemployed aren’t forced to put cultural heritage workers out of work (or to prevent the need for their employment), they will have to attend the job centre every day (instead of every week or fortnight), so the government is going to create a literal dole queue (because there are only just enough seats for people now, in rural job centres; already four years ago, urban job centres wouldn’t let you inside to wait for your appointment until ten minutes before, and even then people had to stand to wait for sometimes hour-late appointments).


1: ‘the Government is not creating extra training places‘ for the (at least tens of thousands of) newly-compelled trainees.


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