‘Can someone who has either worked or who is working in the Heritage sector give me some advice and a straight answer?’

Posted: 04/05/2015 in free archaeology, News & Analysis
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Someone has heard an anonymous would-be museum worker’s plea to colleagues to ‘stop pretending there are jobs when there aren’t’ and asked,

Can someone who has either worked or who is working in the Heritage sector give me some advice and a straight answer – I have just been accepted to start my MA in Sept for Heritage Management and secured a part time voluntary position with National Trust but despite this – I feel there isn’t enough or any at all full time positions available in this sector???

  1. sparecake says:

    If it’s the Heritage Management program in Elefsina, Greece they’re going into… I graduate in a few weeks, and while I technically have gotten a (cool) job, I have some rather….strong feelings about the program that I probably shouldn’t get into here.

  2. Ioanna says:

    The advice I would give us that in my experience (I currently work in a full time museum job) most museums and arts organisations and (especially) councils, recruit internally first. If you get in (in a position you don’t want to a lot probably) you significantly increase your chances in a few months/years to get a job. You also need to reay dig into how they want you to apply as I know for a fact, people are turned away for not arranging the information in their application a certain way. Now the bad news for that is you need to know someone that works there (ideally at recruitment) and you probably should double check it.
    In terms of the MA… Qualifications alwYs boost and they help in an uphill battle but in my experience the voluntary/paid work experience is always most important. That also means though you shouldn’t do any volunteer experience that comes your way. Being a volunteer that just stands at the door of a museums and closes the door is useless in my opinion. You need to do volunteer placements that offer you a skill set that you can use as an example for an interview question. And also don’t forget that museums are not the only cultural heritage aspect of a society. There are libraries, community centres, parks, archeological services etc.
    Finally don’t just wait for a job. If you have ideas for projects, apply for funding and try to make them happen. Working in a museum is also about getting finding (most museums are not like the National Gallery or the British museum) because museums are struggling to be financed.

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