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Hi! I’m Sam Hardy (samarkeolog). You can contact me via e-mail or Twitter (samarkeolog/conflictantiq).

(un)free archaeology

Here, I explore unpaid work and other precarious labour in archaeology and elsewhere in the cultural heritage industry. I look at volunteering, voluntary work, work experience, internship and workfare, vulnerable workers and their insecure employment, the economics and politics of the cultural heritage profession – for example, its radicalisation of its workers and their role in the Turkish revolution…


I’ve lived, studied and/or worked in Britain, Greece, (all too briefly) Kosovo, Cyprus, Turkey and the Netherlands. I can speak Greek and Turkish (with a village accent).

I’ve done archaeological excavation and processing, cultural heritage work, ethnography, oral history, criminological investigation, data processing and analysis, English teaching, proofreading, copy-editing, office work, shop work, bar work, concert venue technical assistance… And I’ve spent more time unemployed than employed.

I’m keen to contribute to research, communication, data analysis or data processing. If you need something doing, please contact me.


I moderate comments, to block spam and bigotry. Because I shift between unemployment and precarity, I do not always have regular internet access; but I will reply to e-mails and tweets (and approve and reply to comments) as soon as possible.


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