‘anything but academic [akademik olmaktan başka her şeye benziyordu]’
(Turkish Cypriot nationalist)

‘he tells lies without blushing [yalanları yüzü kızarmadan da söyleyen]’
(Turkish Cypriot nationalist)

‘he’s a Greek-lover [Yunansever]’
(Turkish nationalist)

‘he’s a Turkish friend’
(southern Cypriot historian)

‘[he’s] a Kurd-lover [Kürtseversin]’
(Kurdish youth)

‘[he] will never be quite sure that I will not be listening to [him]’
(Turkish Cypriot nationalist)

‘I’ll shoot [him] between the eyes’
(Turkish fascist)

‘another fucking do-gooder’
(Greek Cypriot archaeologist)

‘another British fucking dogooder
(Greek Cypriot nationalist)

‘[he’s] a spy [casussunuz]’
(Turkish neighbour)

‘a British colonialist’
(Greek Cypriot cultural heritage activist)

‘an attack dog for the Germans’
(Nigerian archaeologist)

(Turkish government)

‘hot damn but [his] blog is depressing
(cultural heritage management student)

‘the ugly side of the profession…. in gut wrenching detail’
(archaeologist and osteologist)

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